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I’m the oldest?

CCP published the list of CSM candidates recently. Along with it was the average age of the candidates, the youngest and the oldest. The age given for the oldest was my age. Unless there is more than one candidate born in November of 1955, I am the oldest CSM Candidate.

I hope to bring not old fogyness, but the wisdom of age to the council.


Some of my ideas

I have over the days been adding several pages of ideas to this site. They are all fixed pages accessible with the menu near the bottom of the page. There are two categories: Ideas to fix some problems with the game, and ideas for additions to the game to make it better. Enjoy!

Hello New Eden. I would like to offer myself, Vincent Athena, as a candidate to CSM7. I have been playing Eve for about 4 years. This particular pilot lives in W-space, while my others live in high sec.

In real life I am Bart Hibbs, a Cal Tech graduate and work in the aerospace industry as an aircraft designer. I have several patents to my name. I believe this background has given me unique abilities to understand issues and find creative solutions.

The game does have issues that need addressing. Any solution to an issue will require considering how it will affect the game and how players will react to a change. Changes to Eve are full of unintended consequences. Some could have been avoided just by better consideration of how the players will respond to a change.

My goal is to find solutions to issues that help everyone, no matter what part of the game you play, to have as much fun as possible. I want to find solutions that help as many players as possible, not special groups at the expense of most others. When looking for and examining potential solutions I will assume that a game change will not change what a player will and will not enjoy. It will change their behavior so that they maximize doing enjoyable activities and minimize the non-enjoyable ones.
Consider the issue of high security wars. If these are made harder to avoid, how will players who get no pleasure from PvP combat change their behavior? Will that change be something that is good for the game?

I personally get little pleasure from PvP combat, although I have done it on several occasions. But I know the game would not work without it. Players who do enjoy PvP combat should definitely be able to find it. That is one issue I feel needs addressing: for a PvP game, it can be hard to find PvP.

On the other hand, if you are a player who takes little pleasure from PvP combat and simply wish to avoid it, then I understand your situation. I will help your voice to be heard.

My goal is to find solutions to issues that help everyone, no matter what part of the game you play, to have as much fun as possible.